At Dearborn County Hospital, you will quickly see we take our mission statement seriously... to provide personalized, comprehensive and quality healthcare with compassion, dignity and respect that exceeds the expectations of those we serve. Our commitment to patient care goes beyond the walls of the hospital extending to the health and wellness of our communities in Southeastern Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio.

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New Occupational Health and Wellness Center

Occupational Health Center

Dearborn County Hospital has initiated a new, comprehensive program of occupational health and wellness for businesses and related entities in Southeastern Indiana, Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

“Our goal is to provide exceptional service for our client businesses and their employees by customizing and implementing a program to meet their specific needs,” explained Mary Duffey, RN, MBA, DCH Director of Occupational Health and Wellness.  “As a local service provider, we know our business community and we are willing to work one-on-one with clients to develop protocols and time frames to help them meet or exceed their occupational health and wellness benchmarks.”


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